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BEST Education Services And School Improvement

2017/18 Past Projects

Steps to Success Into Headship 2017/18

To raise the proportion of pupils meeting the expected standard in writing across the school

Story of Improvement

Raising Attainment in Maths

Raising Standards at KS5

Improving Writing in the Early Years

Impact of Outdoor Learning in KS1 + 2

Improving T&L – life after formal lesson observations!

Improve children’s mental health and emotional well-being

Does increased parental engagement lead to improved pupil progress?

To increase the percentage of children achieving a positive outcome in their phonics screening by 6% or more in 2017-2018.  

Steps to Success for Senior Leadership 2017/18

Improving the quality of provision in the Early Years by developing a high quality outdoor learning environment

Values Based Education

Challenge in the Classroom and the Impact of Personalised Learning on Progress

Support and Challenge

How engaged are your students

Develop Opportunities for Greater Diversity and International Citizenship

To close the gap in progress between KS1 and KS2 Maths SATs results: 

To introduce ‘Teaching for Mastery’ approach to maths lessons throughout Robert Peel Primary school

Raising standards in reading by improving our teaching of phonics in Early Years and Year 1

To restructure and implement new strategies and resources for Computing across Robert Peel Primary School in order to raise the profile of this subject. 

Story of Improvement 

Improving progress in underperforming PP students 

To promote the continued improvement of teaching and learning through stronger department team