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BEST Education Services And School Improvement

Primary SCITT

The Bedfordshire Schools' Training Partnership (BSTP)

Pix Brook Academy

Arlesey Road



Why train with us?

The Bedfordshire Schools’ Training Partnership is a small, school based, teacher training provider working on behalf of local lower, middle and primary schools – specialising in offering small scale bespoke training for small cohorts of primary trainee teachers.  At the heart of our primary teacher education programme is an extensive partnership with the lower, middle and primary schools across Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire.  In each of these settings there is a clear and transparent commitment to supporting the professional development of new teachers and in this the Mentor is key.  We look to Mentors to help develop each Trainee Teacher working closely with the team of Primary Facilitators and Quality Assurers to provide a stimulating and successful learning journey for each Trainee with challenge and support in equal measure.

Primary contact details: 

Jackie -

Secondary contact details:

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