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Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)

This programme is part of our Leadership Ladder for 2019/20

Designed and facilitated by experienced school leaders and teachers, the Outstanding Teacher Programme gives good (and outstanding) teachers a set of high level skills and strategies that enable them to become consistently and sustainably outstanding.  It helps them to: 

  • demonstrate higher level understanding of teaching and improve learning for their pupils
  • coach colleagues and pupils in their own school and in other schools to raise performance levels
  • create a proactive school culture where the quality of teaching and learning is openly observed, discussed, challenged and enhanced
  • increase the ‘job’ satisfaction and create opportunities for further leadership and career progression 

The programme is a key part of the OLEVI portfolio of school-to-school support which is helping to increase capacity and drive up standards in schools. Among many benefits, this programme helps teachers to become consistently outstanding in all their professional activities and have a significant impact on how people achieve. 

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To read the full plan download here.

To download the BEST Leadership Ladder 2019/20 click here