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Our aim is to provide a clear and development structure to support the identification of leadership talent in schools to facilitate the continuous supply of the highest quality leaders into schools at all levels – up to and including headship.

Our succession planning strategy involves the development of a comprehensive programme of leadership development programmes that will systematically develop talented professionals at all levels in out schools. This will help to secure a positive impact on school improvement, including the performance, recruitment and retention of the high quality leadership talent – and provide them with support to enable them to move up the leadership ladder. 

All leadership programmes share the same features – adapted to be relevant to the nature of the individual leadership programme.  These are:

  • An optional 360 review to help frame the focus and individual outcomes for the programme.
  • A relevant and challenging Leadership Project – that links to a relevant Improvement Plan in their school, with a real impact on student outcomes.
  • High quality coaching  -  supplied by their school 
  • A sequence of face to face sessions to challenge and support the development of the relevant leadership behaviours of the participants.  These will include:

                 - Data analysis to support the individual Leadership Project
                 - Monitoring the quality of student learning and progress
                 - Effectively having challenging conversations

  • The publication of a summary of the individual participant’s learning journey.

 We currently offer the following programmes:  

  • Steps to Success for Recently Qualified Teachers (RQT)
  • Steps to Success for Middle Leadership
  • Steps to Success for Outstanding Teachers (OTP)
  • Steps to Success for Senior Leadership
  • Steps to Success into Headship
  • Steps to Success for Headship 

Details of all of these programmes can be found at 

For a copy of the Leadership Ladder click here

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