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Improving Teacher Programme (ITP)

The ITP is a NCLS endorsed programme provides teachers rated as “satisfactory” with a set of skills and strategies which enables them to become consistently good.  The programme is ideally suited to teachers who have the potential to deliver consistently good lessons. 

The aims of the programme are-

  • To develop a common language to discuss teaching and learning
  • To deepen the  understanding of key aspects of good teaching and learning
  • To understand how to consistently deliver these in practice.
  • To raise the performance in the classroom, by encouraging more thorough planning which challenges and engages every pupil in the lesson.

The programme consists of six days at a school which is Ofsted rated Outstanding.  It involves participants completing a Skills Audit, Learning Walks, Lesson Observations, as well as sessions on Starters and plenaries, assessment, questioning, and differentiation.  During these sessions a variety of approaches will be used and post sessional challenges set.  These will enable participants to consolidate ideas from the session and apply them to their own context. 

The programme is NOT subject specific; the focus is on generic skills which can be applied to different contexts. 

The programme is facilitated by two very experienced members of staff both of whom have been trained and accredited by OLEVI to provide the training. 

For further details on the ITP contact Alison Wilshaw email